About Us: LeukoLab

LeukoLab began in California and currently has two locations: Alameda, CA and Quincy, MA.
Learn more about our Alameda, CA facility here.
Learn more about our Quincy, MA facility here.

Our Story

LeukoLab was originally started in California as a private blood and marrow collection facility operating independently since 2007 after a 10-year partnership with a local community hospital. LeukoLab is the clinical division of AllCells, a private biotechnology company that began operations in 1998 as a dedicated source of human blood for preclinical researchers. LeukoLab's focus is to provide a reliable source of human-derived biological products through community blood donations to a variety of academic, public and private companies for their research and development of cellular-based therapies and related services and devices.

The more you give, the more you get at LeukoLab!