MD Testimonial

LeukoLab is an innovative company that is filling a vital need in the medical research and biotech communities. Directed by a great team of nurses and physicians, LeukoLab's donors supply a large variety of human cells crucial to research projects that may very well lead to major discoveries in the fights against cancer and other diseases. I am impressed with LeukoLab and its significant assistance to the scientific community.

--Jeffrey Wolf, M.D.

--Director, Clinical Research, UCSF

Donating blood and bone marrow: How will my donation be used?

Biotechnology institutions worldwide are researching the cells of the human blood system to find new ways to treat and cure disease. Below are a few examples of the types of research that are being performed:

Researchers from the Arizona Cancer Center used tissue samples from normal volunteers to look at the differences between normal T-cells and lymphoma T-cells. This comparison will help our understanding of this fatal disease.

Scientists from Rigel Inc. used blood from normal volunteers to look closer at T-cell function in an effort to increase the anti-cancer immunological functions of these cells.

Donated products are for laboratory research only and are not intended for use in humans. If you are interested in donating your blood for a human recipient, please contact these donation agencies:

1. American Red Cross:

2. National Marrow Donor Program: