- I have been a regular donor since 2011, and that is for a very good reason. LeukoLab provides a great service for any and all healthy donors wishing to donate blood, white blood cells and bone marrow. The monetary payments you can receive based on what you qualify for are the icing of the cake.

--Yve, Oakland, CA

- I've been donating my bone marrow to LeukoLab for over 5 and half years! Not only do I feel good about the donations that I contribute, but the extra money helps pay some of those bills too! The staff have become some of my favorite people to visit when I'm eligible to donate. Their manner is warm and friendly, every time I get to see their smiling faces, it feels like catching up with an old friend.

--Paige, Richmond, CA

- I have been donating w/ Leuko Lab since the beginning. They came to my college for a health fair and it seemed like an interesting opportunity for some extra cash (as a broke college student), so I had to check it out. Not only is it a nice opportunity for some extra cash, it's for a really great cause. Two pluses in one! They also have a great staff that has truly treated me like family. Over the years they have seen me grow as a person from a college student, to married w/ my own family. And I still donate at least twice each year. It's a quick an easy process, and the staff is super knowledgable. I love donating just to catch up with them. If your looking to help w/ cancer research, or even to just make some extra cash Leuko Lab is a great place to start. Love you guys and congrats on the new move!

--Siesie, S. San Francisco, CA

- I started donating blood more frequently after 9/11, and continued at Stanford as a regular platelet (apheresis) donor after learning that my blood type and other factors made my blood useful to infants, cancer patients, and others whose immune systems are weak or compromised. I was thrilled to learn that Leukolab offers donation services in my local area, and that it's
1) compatible with my current platelet donation routine,
2) a way an individual like me can contribute to advances in medical research, and
3) a way to make a few extra dollars which is so very important especially these days. The staff at Leukolab are super friendly, professional, and experts in their craft. They're always on-time, gentle, and precise. Nary a bruise I've ever suffered at Leukolab. Hope to keep donating as often as I'm eligible!

--Eric, Berkeley CA

- I feel good about donating my cells for research and making some extra money at the same time! The staff is super friendly and experienced. I plan to donate again.

--M.C., U.C. Berkeley alumnus

- My experiences at LeukoLab have been nothing short of excellent, with praise due to an extremely educated and specialized staff that works to ensure that your donation is both a safe and pleasant experience. As a donor of both bone marrow and white blood cells, I can say that I am honored to be able to contribute to valuable research and look forward to continuing my donations.

--W.D., U.C. Berkeley pre-med student

- I have had the pleasure of donating whole blood, bone marrow, and white blood cell samples at LeukoLab. Each time, the donation experience was great. The doctors and nurses were very nice, efficient, and obviously very good at what they do. Who knows, maybe a researcher will make some great discovery while working with my cells! I am happy to help a good cause. I hope to donate again at LeukoLab as often as I am eligible to do so.

-- K.A., El, Cerrito, CA

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