Why Donate?

HELP SCIENCE - Blood and human tissue is a product that no lab can recreate. Scientists and researchers rely on live human cells, such as bone marrow and white cells, to continue to make breakthroughs in the fight against diseases such as cancer and diabetes. While selling your blood may, to some, seem like a strange concept, without donations from healthy donors scientists would be unable to test their therapies and drugs on human cells. LeukoLab strives to support these activities by maintaining a large, constant and diverse healthy pool of blood and bone marrow donors. Your paid blood donation and your donation of bone marrow are needed year round.

EARN MONEY - We understand the commitment of our donors to the LeukoLab program and we want our donors to feel valued every time they donate. We are proud to pay our donors for each donation they give. We compensate our donors for blood, bone marrow and white cell donations. Compensation rates vary for each blood or bone marrow donation option. Please contact us for specific donation compensation rates. The more you give at LeukoLab the more money you make.

GIVE BACK - In some way, everyone has a personal connection to the diseases the research community is working to cure. For most of us, however, there are few ways to contribute to their work. At LeukoLab, we offer our donors a way to meaningfully contribute to the exciting progress being made at some of the most prestigious research universities and organizations in the world. These researchers are dependent on a steady supply of healthy blood and human tissue and need committed donors who understand the vital role they play in the development of life-saving medicines and cell and gene-therapies. By donating with LeukoLab you can be certain you've played that vital role.