What does LeukoLab do?

LeukoLab is a privately owned blood donation and bone marrow collection facility. At LeukoLab, we maintain a diverse selection of healthy donors who volunteer periodically to provide small samples of blood and/or bone marrow to researchers who order such samples for laboratory tests or experiments. Many of the samples are used as part of cancer and diabetes research projects, or for the development of drugs and devices used in the treatment of those diseases. LeukoLab is a research facility only; we do not provide therapeutic treatments for any condition and the samples we collect from our donors are not used for therapeutic purposes either. At no time will our donor blood products ever be transfused or injected into another human being. Additionally, we will not collect blood or bone marrow samples from our donors unless we have specific orders from the researchers to do so.

What will happen to my cells?

A donor identification number will be assigned to you in place of your name, and a product identification number will be assigned to your blood or bone marrow sample. At no time will your name or other identifying information ever be released from LeukoLab. Any samples collected from you will be used for research purposes only as noted above.

Will you release my contact information?

No. We keep a strict policy of confidentiality related to donor identity and personal information. Researchers may be notified of your age, gender, ethnicity, blood type and other non-identifying information, but your name and contact information will not be disclosed to any researcher or released to any other company or individual.

How much do I get paid?

Compensation varies depending on the type and volume of bone marrow or blood products collected from each donor in fulfillment of orders placed by the researchers. The first step is to qualify as donor. To do so, you must first complete an online screening form here. If you pass the initial screening, you will be scheduled to come to LeukoLab for a 30-minute in-person New Donor Screening Appointment where you will be weighed, have your blood pressure taken, and have the veins in your arms examined to see if they are large enough for our collection procedures. Next, a small sample of your blood will be collected and tested on site within a few minutes to see if your baseline blood cell counts fall within a normal range. If they do, you will receive information about the different types of procedures for which you are qualified, and the various compensation amounts that are offered for those procedures.

You will not donate any blood products for the researchers at the screening visit and no compensation is offered for completing the screening visit.

You will be contacted by LeukoLab and scheduled for a future donation appointment as soon as possible based on your interest and qualifications once we have a confirmed order from one of the researchers. Please note this step could take 2-10 weeks depending on research demand. We are in the process of updating our payment methods for donors from checks to on the spot payment via cards. Please check with LeukoLab during your first visit to see if you will be receiving a check or payment card. Your first payment card or check will always be mailed to your address on file.

Do you disqualify donors for things such as piercings, tattoos, etc?

LeukoLab donors are NOT disqualified for certain things that you may be disqualified for at clinical blood donor facilities. These include things such as piercings, tattoos, sexual orientation, and recent travel.

When can I come back?

Time intervals vary but in general:
  • Bone Marrow Donations are eligible every 10 weeks
  • White Blood Cell Donations are eligible every 4 months
  • Whole Blood Donations are eligible as often as we have an order until you reach the maximum donation of 500ml, afterwards there will be an 8 week waiting period before you can donate again.

When am I going to receive my check?

It may take up to 10 business days to receive your check. If you have not received it by the 10th business day, please alert us.

What does the 'redraw labwork' appointment consist of?

We will ask you to update your contact information, veins and hips will be reassessed, blood will be collected from your vein, testing for HEP B, HEP C, HIV, and a CBC sample will determine if you can continue with donations. Other tests can also be ordered based on researchers’ specifications.

I just came in for my first screening assessment, now what?

During the screening we asked what your available days are to donate. Our scheduling team will contact you when a donation request becomes available. Keep in mind this may take anywhere from 1-10 weeks depending on our requests and your schedule.

I haven't been to LeukoLab in a long time. Do I call you or wait to hear from you when you need me?

Welcome back! Donors who have previously donated with us are welcome to email us here or call our donor line (510-521-7400) to check in. Please refer to the above mentioned time intervals to determine eligibility before checking in. We will ask you to come in to redraw your labwork and at that point we will confirm your schedule and have you return for a donation based on available orders.

I will be visiting for a week, can I come donate?

It can take more than a week to schedule you for an appointment based on qualifications. Assuming you will qualify for redrawing labwork, it takes 2-3 days to receive results. At that point we may or may not have an order available. It is rare that all the factors will be in place to allow for such a short turn around donation. LeukoLab does not take walk-ins.