Frequently Asked Questions

When you come to one of our donation centers in Alameda (CA), Huntsville (AL), or Quincy (MA), you can expect your donation to be collected by a certified medical team of experienced doctors, nurses, and phlebotomists.


LeukoLab Introduction

What does LeukoLab do?

We are here to bridge the gap between researchers who are looking for cures and donors who are looking to help. Our program invites healthy individuals to participate in research studies in which you may donate a variety of blood and cell types. These cells and blood go to medical and scientific researchers all over the world who are developing medical breakthroughs. We are different from a blood bank that collects blood to transfuse into patients.

Participation in our program is completely voluntary and our donors are compensated for their participation in a research study.

What does it mean to be part of a research study?

As a donor with LeukoLab, you are a study participant. This means your participation is voluntary and you can discontinue your participation at any time. This also means LeukoLab clinical staff may determine that your participation is no longer suitable for any or all of the studies at any time. Our program has IRB (Independent Review Board) oversight, independent of our organization, to help assure the rights and welfare of our donors.

Why haven’t I heard of a place that does what LeukoLab does?

You’re not alone! Donating blood for research has been around for a long time and after 14 years in operation, we have perfected the experience of donating for research. At LeukoLab, we put our donors first. Your consent is required every time you donate with LeukoLab, and we’re here to make sure that the donation process is clear and that you always feel comfortable.

How do I sign up to become a donor?

Becoming a donor with us is easy! It takes just 5 steps:

  • Complete the online screening form.
  • Get screened on-site.
  • Donate!
  • Receive your compensation.
  • Donate again!

To get the best overview, watch our donor video.

Will I be disqualified for smoking, tattoos, piercings, travel, lifestyle choices, etc.?

These are not automatic disqualifiers and are usually acceptable for most of our research grade collections.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk-in appointments are not available at this time. The online screening form must be completed before attending your on-site screening. This step is designed to save you time and effort by letting you know right away whether or not you meet our initial requirements to schedule an on-site screening appointment. The form is simple, requesting your contact and medical information, and takes about 5-10 minutes. Please be assured that all of your private information is kept confidential and will not be used or shared outside of LeukoLab. Only one screening form can be accepted from each potential donor.

I Have Donated Elsewhere

How is LeukoLab different from donating at a blood bank or a plasma donation center?

Research studies have much different requirements than plasma facilities or blood banks. As a study participant, you must be able to complete all the steps of the screening and donation process without assistance. A typical appointment may include walking through our lobby area to our donor room, standing on a scale and getting your height measured before transferring to a donor chair for your clinical assessment and blood draw. You must participate in our on-site screening and be accepted into our program before you are eligible to donate!

I recently donated blood/plasma/platelets elsewhere. Can I donate now?

No, you have to wait 8 weeks from your last donation before you can come in to LeukoLab for a new donor screening. If you need to reach us to reschedule, please use this link.

I’m a regular plasma donor, can I make plasma donations between donations at LeukoLab?

Donating with multiple organizations is a very serious safety risk that could result in a donor giving more blood/cells than is safe. Due to privacy laws, we do not share donor information with other types of donation facilities. Therefore, donors with LeukoLab are asked to refrain from donating any blood or blood product to any other collection facility. Any indication to LeukoLab staff that a donor is donating elsewhere while enrolled in our program will result in permanent disqualification from LeukoLab.

I Just Signed Up

I completed a screening form, but I do not have a screening appointment. What do I do now?

We will process your screening form on the next business day and reach out to you for an appointment if you are found eligible. You can also give our recruiters a call at 510-671-8697 and they will help you schedule if qualified!

What will happen at my on-site screening?

We ask our donors to arrive 15 minutes early to complete some paperwork. Next, we measure your weight, height, and vital signs and take a small sample of blood to conduct a blood panel. We will review the different donation options and discuss the donations for which you qualify. Please note, you may be informed that you do not qualify for any collection types. While this does not happen often, it can! Not qualifying just means you do not fit the requirements for our studies but does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy. Pro tip: A great way to increase your chances of qualifying is to stay hydrated!

Your first screening will take a little over an hour. Subsequent re-screenings take about 60 minutes. A re-screening is required every 3 months to verify your eligibility in the program. Don’t worry, you’ll automatically receive a reminder email from us when it’s time for you to re-screen!

I filled out the online screening form, why was I not accepted?

There are a variety of reasons a prospective donor could be disqualified, including medical history, current medications, weight (under 130 lbs without exception), BMI (over 40), or other suitability considerations. Our online form is designed to ensure both the safety of donors and a high-quality product that meets researchers’ needs. For this reason, our requirements are very specific. Oftentimes, a disqualification could be a combination of many factors and not any one specific reason. Please do not submit more than one screening form.

I did not meet the requirements of the online questionnaire. Can I take it again?

No, please do not repeat the questionnaire. Once completed, your submission cannot be retaken. If you feel you made an error or need to reach out to us, fill out this form https://www.leukolab.com/contact-us/ for us to follow up with you.

Why do I need to live within an hour of one of your facilities?

Participation in our program often involves multiple regular visits which must start on time! Donors who live outside the recommended distance often find it difficult to attend early morning appointments. Please note our Alameda facility is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How and when will I be compensated?

LeukoLab partnered with Tremendous electronic payments and now offers our donors instant payment for your donation! Now, with these electronic payment solutions, our donors can decide how to receive compensation on the spot! The choices now include a virtual MasterCard debit card, PayPal, Venmo, or direct to your personal bank account. Goodbye, bank transfer fees and lost debit cards!

Please note old debit cards will remain active, but they have an expiration date printed on the front, so please use them prior to the expiration date.

How much will I be compensated?

You will be compensated based on the donation types you qualify for. At your on-site screening appointment, our clinical staff will conduct an assessment to determine which donation types you qualify for. Not everyone qualifies for all donation types. Compensation rates vary and are based on the time and effort of each donation type.

Please reference the donation options per location located here.

Will I be notified if I have a positive blood test?

Our viral lab tests are used for screening purposes only, not for diagnosis. If we draw your blood for viral tests, you will only receive a call from our medical staff who will advise you to follow up with your own health care provider.

I Completed My On-Site Screening

When will I get an appointment for a donation?

Appointment availability is dependent on donation requests we receive from researchers. Your first donation appointment may be available within 1-2 weeks of your on-site screening. Researcher requests come in daily, so we will continue to reach out to you as requests match your profile. Make sure to answer our texts and calls!

If you are looking to donate again or have not heard from us in a while, please fill out our “I want to donate again” form.

Does donating bone marrow hurt?

The procedure for donating bone marrow has developed a great deal in the past few years. This minimally invasive procedure will have some discomfort; however, donors are able to drive themselves home after their donation. Many of our donors return to donate bone marrow again!

Can I drive myself home after a donation?

Yes, you will be able to drive yourself home after all of our collection types.

How many donations can I provide in one visit?

Generally, only one donation can be provided per visit. There may be instances where we may request a whole blood donation in addition to other scheduled donations on the same day.

How often can I donate?

The frequency in which you can donate varies by donation option. Each donation option has a deferral period that is enforced for the donor’s safety. A deferral period is the length of time a donor is required to wait before their next donation.

For Whole Blood, there is an 8-week (56 days) deferral period after 520mL is reached. There is no deferral period between donations until the donor reaches 520mL.

For Bone Marrow, there is a 6-week (42 days) deferral period after a 50mL collection, and a 12-week (84 days) deferral period after a 100mL or 150mL collection.

For White Blood Cells, there is a 2-month (60 days) deferral period after a full collection.

For Mobilized White Blood Cells, there is a 6-month (182 days) deferral period between collections.