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Donate Blood for Research

Your DNA may hold the key to advancing Sickle Cell Disease research

LeukoLab is looking for people with the Sickle Cell Trait to participate in a cutting-edge research study. Sickle Cell Disease affects millions of people throughout the world, and your DNA may hold the key to advancing this research. Participants may earn up to $1,810 for participation in the Sickle Cell Trait Study, which includes a pre-screen and multiple on-site visits. Click the link to learn more.

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Complete Online Questionnaire

All it takes is five minutes to determine your eligibility for on-site screening.


On-site Screening

Screening will determine the types of donations you are eligible to give.



Our LeukoLab staff will contact you to schedule your donations based on eligibility.


Receive Compensation

Receive compensation for your participation immediately following your donation appointment via a Visa debit card.


Donate Again!

Stay eligible by rescreening every three months. Simply click the ‘I want to donate again’ link above to restart the process.

Donation Options

LeukoLab is seeking donors for a variety of blood donation types. Please click on the donation options below to learn more and determine which options are of interest to you. You will be screened at LeukoLab to confirm donation eligibility prior to being scheduled for any donation appointments. Please be aware that you may not be eligible for all or any of the LeukoLab donations.

Whole Blood

Compensation: $60 - $320 per donation appointment
This is our most common collection type. It is a 30 minute appointment and similar to getting blood drawn at a doctor’s office or donating at a blood bank. Blood is taken in various amounts based on researcher requests. We monitor the amount of whole blood you can donate and we may place you on a waiting period between collections.

Bone Marrow

Compensation: $250 - $700 per donation appointment
Although bone marrow collections sound intimidating, this 60 minute appointment is minimally invasive and performed by an experienced doctor or nurse practitioner. Local anesthesia (numbing medication) is applied to the hip area. A small amount of bone marrow is collected as you are laying down. Donors often wonder if they can drive home afterwards. You can!

White Blood Cells

Compensation: $275 or $450 per donation appointment
Similar to a plasma or platelet donation, during this 2-5 hour appointment, you will be comfortably reclined in a chair. Blood will be collected from one arm, and a small amount of white cells will be separated off through a cell separator machine. Your blood is returned normally to your other arm. We provide a tablet for viewing TV shows or movies to keep you entertained during the process.

Mobilized White Blood Cells

Compensation: $600 - $1650 per donation regimen.
This collection is similar to the regular white cell collection. However, medication(s) are administered in the days leading up to the collection which will increase the number of white blood cells circulating in the bloodstream. This collection can span up to a week with appointments each day.

Clinical Grade Bone Marrow or White Blood Cells

Compensation rates vary
Clinical grade collections are different from the more common research grade collections as clinical grade cells have the potential for use in clinical trials with humans. The donation process for you as a donor is the same. However, you will be scheduled for additional whole blood screenings before and after you donate your bone marrow or white blood cells. After you have qualified on-site, we may contact you for further clinical grade screening.
Donate Blood for Science

Why Donate?

Do you know anyone who has been affected by Cancer? Diabetes? Autoimmune disorders? Want to help researchers studying these diseases?

At LeukoLab, we serve as the bridge between researchers looking for cures and donors looking to help. We schedule donations to meet the needs of researchers worldwide who are conducting critical and life altering studies. By donating healthy cells, you play a vital role in helping to develop medical breakthroughs.

Get Started

LeukoLab is always looking for a wide range of donors! See Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the screening process. Our best donors are:

Healthy and hydrated, adults from ages 18-55 are encouraged to fill out our questionnaire.
Available weekday mornings. Donations are usually Monday – Thursday 7:15 am – 12:00 pm
Local or within one hour of an LeukoLab donation facility.
Telling their friends about LeukoLab donation centers.